Aaron Joseph Hall
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Aaron’s new book, “Redeem the Story: A Call to Let God Rewrite Your Story,” releases SOON!

Everyone has a story. And every story matters because everyone matters to God.

That includes YOU! Yes, you.

From Genesis to Revelation you see a story of redemption unfolding. In his new book, Aaron takes you on a journey to show you that no story is too badly written for God to redeem—and He is capable and willing to do so!. Because of Jesus, every story has the potential to be completely transformed for His glory.

Here's what others are saying:

"Your daily experiences mark and make your story what it is. But can your story be altered? In his new book, REDEEM THE STORY, Aaron Joseph Hall explains how a personal relationship with Jesus Christ changes your story completely, immediately and eternally. Jesus causes old things to pass away and new things to come. He transforms you into a new creation and changes your story into a beautiful testimony of his love, mercy and grace. This book is filled with hope, a rare commodity these days, yet something we all need. I highly recommend this work."

- Steve Gaines, PhD

Senior Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church

Memphis, Tennessee

“Aaron Joseph Hall traces the thesis thread that runs through the treatise of truth, namely, redemption. Indeed, the Bible, when viewed from 30,000 feet up, reveals a narrative ark of hope. Its story shows that no trauma is too fatal to be redeemed. I’m grateful to have Aaron as a friend. So, develop richer, thicker grey matter in your prefrontal cortex, boost your brain intelligence, and enhance your spiritual deeps, by plunging into this book!”

- Ben Courson 

Bestselling Author of Optimisfits 



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