3 Ways You Can be Praying For Our Students (and Leaders) Before Camp

In less than a week M2L Students heads off to summer camp in Tennessee. We will be going to a camp called Eagle Rock that resides at the top of a mountain. The view is breathtaking! The staff are amazing! It’s a place where students will have the opportunity to encounter God without any distractions.

Our theme for camp this year is called “Undivided: Wholly Devoted, Uncompromising Followers of Christ.” We want to teach students to love God above all else, to be undivided in their devotion to Christ, because when they are they will be an unstoppable force of hope in a world of chaos and darkness. As we prepare for this week away to grow closer to the Lord here are 3 ways you can be praying for our students (and leaders) before camp:

1 - Pray for a ready heart.

No one wants to go on a trip unprepared. Whenever my wife and I go on a trip, whether vacation or ministry related, we prepare. We pack our suitcases. We bring all the things we will need on the road from our clothes to our Bibles to our diaper bag and kid toys. It would be crazy to think we would load up a 9-month-old and a 3-year-old and travel anywhere without the things kids their age need. Why would we think it’s any different when going to a place to purposefully meet with God? Our hearts need to be ready to encounter a holy God. One of the most important things you can be praying right now is for a ready heart. A heart that’s open to the voice of the Lord. A heart that’s ready to receive whatever it is the Lord wants to give or speak. A ready heart is a heart that will be willing to be undivided in its devotion to Christ. That’s what we want for our students. And that’s what we want for our leaders…a ready heart.

2 - Pray for breakthrough.

I am a firm believer that everyone who is going to Eagle Rock (leader and student) is there by divine appointment. God wants to do a work—He wants to breakthrough in each of our lives so that we learn to have “undivided devotion” to Him.

This is an area we need much prayer in. Why? Honestly, we all have some area (maybe several areas) where we need God to breakthrough and shine the light of the gospel in—areas where we need freedom so we can fully live up to our God given potential.

When I think about praying for breakthrough I picture a dam holding back a rushing river. As soon as that dam is broken the water is free to push forward. I sense that’s what God is wanting to do at Eagle Rock. Break dams—things that are and have been holding back His presence, His blessings, and His guidance! The barriers don’t limit God’s ability to work in our lives but they do create places where we aren’t going to see God move until we deal with them, because chances are these are the very places God has been wanting to forgive, heal or set us free from for a very long time. And once that dam is broken, and the river of His presence can freely flow in and through us, we can better walk in freedom and be a stronger beacon of hope to a world full of darkness and hopelessness.

3 - Pray for our leaders and the staff at Eagle Rock.

Without our leaders or the staff at Eagle Rock this trip would not be possible.

For the staff of Eagle Rock:

I’m thankful for the amazing hospitality of the staff at Eagle Rock. They’ve been a joy to work with as we’ve been planning this trip for the last six months or so! Pray for them as they open their doors to let us use their facilities. Eagle Rock is holy ground. The moment you step foot on the property there is a sense of this place is special. And rightly so—because so many students and adults have encountered the love of Jesus there! Pray for their protection as they create a place where people can meet with God week in and week out!

For our youth leaders (including myself and my wife):

We couldn’t do youth ministry without the help of some amazing volunteers who love, invest and chase after these students with a heart for them to know Jesus! Pray for them as they take off for a week to point these students toward the only True north—Jesus! With the desire to do the Lord’s work, to love people, to minister comes challenges of all sorts. The enemy of our souls wants nothing more than to divide, defeat and hijack our leaders. If the leaders are discouraged, defeated and broken then that will greatly impact our students and everything that God wants to do at Eagle Rock. Pray for our leaders to be grounded on the truth of God’s Word, for protection, for unity, for hearts to hear clearly from the Lord. Your prayer covering does more than you might know! In the past we have seen how prayer has torn down the walls of Jericho in lives and how prayer has broken through walls of darkness to bring the light of the gospel into hearts.

Bold prayers honor God—and so I ask: Pray bold prayers over our leaders! We need them!

We covet your prayers as we prepare to embark on a journey where we are believing many will find life and freedom in Jesus!