Will You Help Me Get This Message Out?

Note: Not actual cover.

Note: Not actual cover.

Hey everyone!

Recently, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds I need to finish self publishing my new book called: Redeem the Story: A Call to Let God Rewrite Your Story.

I need to raise $1,500 by 1:05pm on June 4th. Kickstarter is all or nothing. We are currently at $255 raised! (Thank you so much!!!)

This book has been in the making for a few years. It’s a message I really believe in and I know it has the potential to impact a lot of people. The chief aim of it is to point people to Jesus, the author of a better story for our lives. It's a book about the life giving message of redemption found all throughout Scripture.

Taken from the Introduction:

Everyone has a story.

From Genesis to Revelation you see a story of redemption unfolding. Isaiah 47:4 says that God is “Our Redeemer—the LORD of hosts is his name—is the Holy One of Israel.” Since the fall happened in Genesis 3 God has been writing redemption in the lives of countless people. In this book, we will zoom in on a number of people scattered throughout the pages of Scripture where God redeemed their story despite their mistakes, guilt, and shame. We will also look at how, even today, God wants to redeem your story too.

Will you help me get this message out?